Discussion on Data Management: JSON Implementation, Record Replacement and Prop Data Capture

The State Changers meeting involved an interesting discussion on data management practices, specifically how they handle data records. They are employing a strategy of accumulating a JSON that houses all data for a given match, rather than compiling multiple records. This strategy creates a single record housed in a JSON where updates are managed by additions to an array within the JSON.

A notable point was the practice of "delete and insert," which the participants found is quite common. It involves the replacement of entire records instead of the modification of individual elements within a record. They emphasized that this concept of replacement is quite prevalent in databases and computer systems and is often misunderstood as simple edits or changes. The participants seemed to be satisfied with this approach, though they admitted to some unease about the practice of deleting and rewriting entire records. They did some double-checking to make sure this was standard practice and found that it's fairly normal, though it appears more as simplified edits of data records in most software systems. In the latter part of the meeting, they briefly touched upon using Adalo, but further details were not provided. However, it can be inferred that the context of data manipulation and management may carry over to this discussion on Adalo, a platform known for creating apps without code. The meeting ended with a plan to further discuss these topics and their application in their projects.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 4/24 )

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