Discussion on Debugging and Data Manipulation Issues in Sports Data Processing

During the meeting, the State Changers primarily discussed issues related to coding and data management. The team decided to focus on problem-solving related to handling JSON data, specifically the extraction and interpretation of this data. An unexpected topic that arose was dealing with the appearance of null values and understanding their origin, which was clarified as a potential data quality issue.

The State Changers also interacted regarding the usage of functions, and how to conditionally execute code based on particular sport types. A predominant coding topic was managing and manipulating arrays, where practical examples and solutions were provided, focusing on an "array diff" concept—an operation that aims to find the difference between two arrays. Detailed explanation and guidance were provided on how to create new functions, testing them, and the benefits of the trial and error process. The meeting participants primarily used the programming tool Xano throughout their discussion, though no other named tools from the keyword list were mentioned. This meeting would be useful for programmers and data handlers using Xano, or those facing similar challenges in data manipulation and function implementation.

(Source: Office Hours 11/11 )

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