Discussion on Debugging API Authentication for Amazon's Product API with Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers were discussing problems around building a signature for Amazon's product API using Xano. They particularly focused on handling date/timestamp format and exploring discrepancies between the order of headers in a web request.

One of the issues they pointed out was the PHP date format used in Xano where timestamp was auto-formatting to a 12-hour clock instead of the necessary 24-hour clock. The State Changers determined that the lowercase 'h' in the timestamp format needed to be replaced with an uppercase 'H' to display the 24-hour format. The participants also noticed discrepancies in some certain parameters, such as identifying the correct service in the request. They advised removing the version number ('v1') from the service tag in the 'create string to sign' task while comparing input and output string formats with a provided example from Amazon. Additionally, they encountered potential challenges with Xano auto-correcting some elements of the request, which could lead to authentication failure due to precise cryptography requirements. They also highlighted that the order of headers in a request may or may not impact the request outcome. As a solution, a suggestion was made to reattempt requests using platforms like Curl on a different operating system like Mac, or to use fetch and Axios within Xano to create web requests. They believe this will allow greater precision if the problem lies with Xano's auto-correction functionality. An experiment was proposed, involving reconstructing the signature via Xano using the same inputs that have previously worked, to narrow down the point of failure. During the discussion, numerous tools were mentioned including Xano, PHP, AWS, and curl. The most substantial mention was the Xano platform, which was being used to simulate API calls. It was also suggested that Fetch and Axios could potentially be used within Xano to compose requests with higher precision.

(Source: Office Hours 8/19 )

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