Discussion on Debugging Authentication and Data Rendering Issues in Xano and Wyze

This meeting involved State Changers discussing potential issues and solutions in different software development stages. Notably, they extensively discussed "Xano" and "Wiz"—two software development tools. They delve into issues related to user authentication, data rendering issues, token functionality, understanding the user statuses in the Wiz, and logic problems in the process of transferring user information.

Primarily, the meeting tackles user identification in Wiz through the use of unique identifiers such as email, and how to link this with Xano. They address questions about how tokens are used for user identification and how they are not stored but rather validated by the Xano server. The meeting then shifts to issues with rendering data on Wiz. In this section, the group works step by step to identify why requested data isn't displayed properly, eventually finding a possible visibility problem. There's also a discussion about launching an application's Key Customer Identifier (KYC) form and how to weave this with the user's geolocation data. They discuss methods to trigger the KYC form using JavaScript, considering the benefits and drawbacks of doing this in code versus no code. Concerns about cons of dropping no-code solutions entirely are also shared, concluding that a blend of JavaScript with no code can be more advantageous. This meeting would be useful for those troubleshooting software development issues, particularly around the topics of authentication, data rendering, geolocation embedding, and transitioning between code and no code solutions.

(Source: Office Hours 2/15 )

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