Discussion on Enhancing User Interaction and Site Functionality with Webflow and CSS Animations

This meeting between the State Changers discusses the design and functionality of a mobile site. Specifically, they discuss creating a two-column grid on a mobile site, with images making up 70% of the field width and additional information being hidden off-screen. The user could tap on the off-screen content to reveal more information about the related image.

The State Changers also consider the use of animations with Webflow to enhance user experience, while cautioning against making the site "game-like." They note that while animations can be beneficial to a site’s aesthetics, the primary focus should be on creating a functional and practical user interface. A strategy for developing the site is outlined: first, develop a basic and functional user interface, and then add visual refinements or "Chrome" to the site. The use of a Webflow animation library called BARBA is suggested to create smooth transitions between pages on the site. The meeting ends with the State Changers stressing on the importance of user-friendliness in design. They propose a design wherein users can simply scroll through images, with a "more" text trigger for additional information about each image. The user clicking on the trigger could lead to a new page dedicated to that image. Keywords mentioned: Webflow, CSS.

(Source: Office Hours 7/15 )

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