Discussion on Enhancing User Interface with Sports Schedule Display

The meeting was primarily a collaborative discussion between the State Changers regarding a problem related to the display of a schedule for NBA and NHL via a back-end API call. The team explored different methodologies and solutions for improving functionality.

Xano was utilized to fetch an API endpoint, containing two sets of data: the current schedule of sporting events and the total number of sporting events per specific sport. The team discovered an issue with assigning the correct sequence of sport events upon loading or refreshing the page. The interface did not react as expected, leading to exploring multiple strategies to rectify this issue. Nathan proposed the idea of breaking down and filtering the data into individual parent level queries, such as by each sport. These categories could then be ranked and defaulted for displaying the desired sport schedule according to the priority set up in Xano. Ray emphasized the use of page state variables for filtering the display based on sport and the use of the .0 syntax to set a default view. It was also suggested to analyse the order of sports coming from the given list and use it to determine the default view. Nathan's approach, which integrated different views and used conditional operations to display desired data points, was found to be efficient and fast. The discussion led to the conclusion that complex prioritization should be determined server-side rather than on the client side. This would simplify the interface and increase efficiency. The State Changers concluded the meeting with an agreement to implement these insights and continue discussions as necessary.

(Source: Office Hours 3/13 )

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