Discussion on Enhancing Xano Functionality with State Change Lambda

This meeting covered the State Change Lambda, a tool designed to address certain issues frequently encountered in Xano Lambdas. The State Change Lambda can operate for longer durations, and has significantly more memory allocated, ranging between two and eight gigabytes. This enhancement allows for larger operations which were previously hindered by memory constraints within Xano.

The State Change Lambda also came from the need for better SDK support, as Xano supports only a limited number of libraries. The State Change Lambda is meant to be more versatile and able to handle a wider range of use cases, including those with bigger memory demands, longer durations, or requiring specific SDKs. It offers an 'escape hatch' for those hitting limitations with no-code builders like Xano. What sets the State Change Lambda apart is its focus on the 'scale of the single run' rather than the 'quantity of runs'. State Changers were encouraged to raise any issues they were having with their current operations, particularly problems that fall into three categories: complexity in Xano implementation, memory issues, and time-duration problems, and to consider if State Change Lambda could be a solution. The goal for the near future is to increase the usability and utility of the State Change Lambda within the community.

(Source: Office Hours 11/2/2023 )

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