Discussion on File Management and Modification with APIs, and Evaluating Webfront Platform Options

This meeting between the State Changers explored struggles with the platform Webflow and how to achieve specific functionalities using APIs. The participants discussed how to utilize the UploadCare API to delete files, highlighting the importance of proper authorization headers. They examined how to configure UploadCare's Delete File function using Xano. A step-by-step demonstration was given on how to properly set auth headers using public and secret keys.

The State Changers successfully tested the deletion of a file from UploadCare via Xano, validating the procedure. Afterward, the conversation shifted toward reconsidering the choice of Webflow as the front end platform due to its limitations. They highlighted the potential of moving more concerns to the backend using Xano with Stripe for handling transactions, but also opened up the question of whether another web app builder might be a better fit now that they have a clearer understanding of their needs. Discussions around other platforms, like Squarespace and other No-Code tools were briefly touched upon, with emphasis on thoroughly researching these options and testing them out before decision-making. The State Changers reminded themselves to take into account not just the complexity but also the suitability of a tool for their specific needs. Keywords: Xano, Webflow, UploadCare, Stripe.

(Source: Office Hours 8/26 )

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