Discussion on Filtering and Sorting Class Dates in Xano for Webflow Integration

The State Changers discussed filtering and sorting date information for courses or master classes in a database. They used Webflow, which was a website hosting platform, to house a list of dates for various classes. Zano was used as their backend engine, with the filtering and sorting happening through custom APIs developed in Zano.

The State Changers conducted an in-depth walkthrough of how to add an input filter by adding a new parameter in the Zano API (i.e., a master class ID). Then, they applied a filter on the database query using that master class ID to only show items associated with the specified master class. Next, they proceeded with configuring sorting options on the API output, making it return results sorted by start dates in ascending order. To view and test these changes, they used the 'Run Debug' feature in Zano. It was noted that it was also possible to pass the master class ID from the frontend to Zano with URL parameters for dynamic filtering. The State Changers emphasized the usefulness of these configurations to deliver sorted and filtered data straight to the front end, reducing processing on the front end. Wizd (presumably a frontend solution) was also briefly mentioned, which could possibly be used to display these filtered and sorted data on the front end. The State Changers might discuss notifications in a chat app in their next meeting. Future viewers who work with Webflow, Zano, Wizd, data sorting and filtering, and frontend/backend dynamic interaction might find this meeting useful.

(Source: Office Hours 4/10 )

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