Discussion on Identifying Clicked Buttons, Form ID Capture, and Parameter Linking in WeWeb

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a variety of technical issues, with a primary focus on form handling, ID capturing, and modal behavior. Some key points discussed:

1. The team was troubleshooting an issue with a button not triggering an event as expected. 2. The idea of using a button click handler to identify which button was clicked was suggested, especially useful in a setting with multiple buttons. 3. The team considered labeling forms or assigning an ID to each form to differentiate between multiple forms. 4. The objective is to trigger different modals based on which form was clicked. Each form has a different modal associated with it, and the team wanted to ensure that the correct modal is activated when a particular form is clicked. 5. The concept of referencing the modal using jQuery, based on its relation to the parent form, was recommended. This enables any desired modifications. 6. Towards the end, the discussion pivoted towards addressing individual queries, one of which involved getting a parameter linked to WeWeb. 7. Lastly, an issue with database XANO was briefly mentioned. It should be noted that the software tools and terminology used in the meeting such as jQuery, modals, forms, IDs, events etc. are common in web development but not mentioned were the specific tools like Xano, WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Zapier, etc.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 4/24 )

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