Discussion on Implementing and Debugging Identity Verification API with Xano and WeWeb

The State Changers discussed the implementation of an identity verification API. A presentation was shown on how to use the API, using relevant features such as standardized request parameters, such as API keys, merchant ID, product, device IP, and customer location gathered from WeWeb. A unique device IP was generated with Xano, following guidelines in the provided API documentation.

However, a challenge was experienced in integrating the built system with WeWeb. It was suggested to separate the problems to make it easier to tackle by isolating the WeWeb part after determining what good information looks like going to the service. The State Changers were able to successfully run and debug a test that displayed a 200 response, indicating that the API was working correctly. However, they discovered the test lacked some data (such as customer ID, IP address, and GPS location) in the API request, which need to be added. It was agreed that a future meeting would further address the issue of pulling accurate data from WeWeb.

(Source: Office Hours 2/6 )

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