Discussion on Implementing API Endpoints and Data Caching in Application Development

The meeting primarily discussed issues around API endpoint, dynamic headers, and file download processes. It featured the use of the platform Xano for creating a dynamic header and an endpoint URL for file download, ensuring a secure download process for users.

An important point that was highlighted was creating an input for the specific request key that gets parsed out of the URL during the download process. This approach secures the download link, making it time-sensitive - similar to how signed URLs work. A significant part of the discussion revolved around using GET and POST methods in HTTP. It was clarified that GET is used for fetching data, beneficial for caching and faster delivery, while POST is used for sending data back, improving cleanliness and security. However, it was noted that the benefits from GET caching aren't as substantial as they used to be. The discussion also involved an understanding of URL components, including scheme, host, path, and query. It covered how to input key-value pairs in a query string and dynamic pathing. The conversation concluded with suggestions for enhancing front-end performance, emphasizing that infrastructure changes such as introducing compression or CDN can significantly impact speed rather than just coding tweaks.

(Source: Office Hours 2/3 )

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