Discussion on Improving API Filtering System and Simplifying User Interface with Variable Updates

During this State Changers meeting, the participants discussed the utilization of features like filtering systems and radio buttons. One participant had issues getting his filter system to refresh to no call when a location was cancelled. They debated the use of radio buttons for location fields, considering whether it'd be better to employ a series of buttons instead. They posited whether radio buttons complicated the process unnecessarily when all states, such as location selections and clearing filters, could be managed as variable updates. To solve the refreshing problem, it was suggested to use an inline if-then statement, also known as ternary operator which sets location as default if no location is chosen. They also introduced a new member, Jeff, to the group, explaining the structure of the meetings. The tool "Zeno" was mentioned in their discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 5/24 )

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