Discussion on Integrating Affiliate Tracking Services with FlutterFlow and Xano

The State Changers had an in-depth discussion about integrating affiliate links within an app being developed on FlutterFlow. Participant Nathan brought up the challenge of tracking affiliate clicks from various partners through a unique identifier and then correlate these records back to individual users. The solution is being achieved through We Can Track, a service that integrates all affiliate data through one API.

The discussion further delved into understanding how the We Can Track service functions, exploring the functionalities enabled by their API and JavaScript. However, the move to a native app made it essential to address certain technical aspects previously handled by browser-based JavaScript. Eventually, the State Changers zeroed in on a solution to use the Xano backend to handle the API call to Clickout. This approach would prevent the need to store the sensitive API key in the app, which could compromise security. In this context, the Clickout API key would be passed as a header with Xano holding the sensitive data, making the front end's request simpler and more secure. Overall, the meeting was insightful and revolved around understanding third-party service integration, data aggregation, and enhancing app security in the context of affiliate tracking. The mentioned technologies and tools include FlutterFlow, We Can Track, JavaScript, Xano, API, and Clickout.

(Source: Office Hours 2/23 )

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