Discussion on Invoice Processing and OCR Integration Strategy

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed a problem with a variable, specifically its association with a formula. The task at hand was a list of bank movements and transactions with IDs that needed to be filtered. The problem was that the current array was not a list of IDs, but a list of arrays containing objects. The suggested solution was to transform this list of lists of objects into a simple list of IDs- this could be achieved either through JavaScript or Xano. They also discussed updating a collection to reapply a filter based on an added collection of bank movements.

Another topic was a switch to a simpler solution for document upload and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). They decided not to use OCR in AWS and instead chose Mindy.com due to its simplicity, despite its higher cost. Throughout the meeting technical services and software such as WeWeb, Xano, JavaScript, and AWS were mentioned, and their uses and potential problems were analyzed.

(Source: Office Hours 8/31/2023 AM )

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