Discussion on JavaScript Code Review and Debugging Strategies

In the State Changers meeting, the focus is predominantly on discussing Javascript related issues. A participant named David presents a problem he is experiencing with code that he has written for a particular webpage. He explains that elements of his page are incorrectly hidden and he suspects it might be due to the code not being instantiated properly.

His code comprises of several asynchronous functions, including the function 'get the portfolio' which fetches information for later use. He mentions that this function creates sections of data that he can use as he assembles each page. However, he reports that some console logs within his code are not firing as expected, indicating that some parts of the code may not be running. As David discusses his code with another member of the State Changers, it is suggested that David attempts to run his 'get portfolio' function directly after line 214 in his script to resolve his issue. This suggestion is based on the notion that at its current position, the function is queued up and therefore never executed. David decides to take the advice and return later with feedback, allowing the meeting to proceed to other topics or issues raised by other participants. No mention was made of any of the keywords on the list.

(Source: Office Hours 2/6 )

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