Discussion on JavaScript Coding Issues and Data Flow using Xano, S3, and Textract

The State Changers meeting was focused on problem-solving and technical discussions around JavaScript, workflow-building and integration of multiple platforms, specifically referencing Xano and AWS S3. One participant described a problem related to the variable inside JavaScript, which he managed to resolve by reassigning the variable.

The discussion also revolved around extracting specific information using AWS Textract. It was suggested to the participant that he should see if Textract requires the file or can work with a URL to the file in S3, thereby simplifying the workflow. In addition to this, it was generally agreed that using Xano's database to store long term data is not always required if data is already sitting in S3. Further discussion ensued around Xano's functionality, indicating its strengths primarily lie in being an API endpoint and a data router, whereas the file storage feature of Xano was regarded as its weakest point. The meeting also touched on file naming conventions in AWS S3, suggesting the use of UUID to maintain uniqueness. Concepts from other platforms like WeWeb and their CDN were referenced when discussing file storage. The primary aim of the meeting was to help participants navigate the respective platforms and best practices when dealing with complex data workflows.

(Source: Office Hours 7/12/2023 )

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