Discussion on Mobile App Development: Interface Design, User Experience & API Implementation

In this meeting, State Changers discussed various issues related to building a specific application interface using FlutterFlow and Xano. The main talking points involved the structuring of data, the practicality of loading more information onto one screen on a phone, the choice of user experience (UX) for the application, API data calls, and the constraints in FlutterFlow.

They considered the use of a master-detail view for a mobile app. This design means having a list (master) which, when clicked, takes the user to the detail associated with it in a new page. They acknowledged this approach works well for the mobile app and keeps the user experience simple and intuitive. There was a concern about the limitations of FlutterFlow as the app becomes more complex with more child elements. However, it was agreed upon that restrictions would be primarily on the data structure managed on the Xano side and what makes a good user experience. Technically, they discussed the issue of making multiple API calls for the same information. Principles to address this involved maintaining a consistent, player-centric structure in presenting data. They suggested having one API call from Xano that would provide all player data, which could then be presented as a repeating group in FlutterFlow. In summary, the meeting revolved around important considerations in enhancing usability and data management for an application being built using Xano and FlutterFlow. Additionally, they discussed the challenge of handling increasing levels of complexity within the limitations of the tools involved. Suggestions were made for possible solutions and areas for further exploration were identified. Some tech-related keywords mentioned include 'API', 'FlutterFlow', 'Xano', and 'mobile development'.

(Source: Office Hours 3/2 )

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