Discussion on Refactoring Sports Event Selection Process and Reevaluating the Necessity of Breadcrumbs in Navigation

During this State Changer’s meeting, there was an in-depth discussion about the improvement of an application's user experience and interface. The meeting participants examined a sports-based application that initially had an eight-step process that was reduced to four steps using the concept of 'breadcrumbs.'

The main topic of the conversation was the possibility of removing breadcrumbs altogether. The argument against it was that breadcrumbs were more important in the days of HTML forms than in today's Ajax type forms and asynchronous data requests. Instead of storing so much data in the URL through breadcrumbs, they suggested it is more efficient to store just the player data and use this as the driving force for the user interface elements. This would provide what the user needs and enhance the overall user experience. It was suggested that rather than following the common pathway that might include unnecessary steps, considering the 'job to be done' and availing the most direct and valuable pathways could enhance efficiency and user satisfaction. A surprising insight from this meeting was the realization that conventional concepts like 'breadcrumbs' might bring about rigidity in thinking and design. It was noted that being open to redefining terms could transform the user experience and even deviate from the traditional approach to navigation. Lastly, the conversation hinted at the upcoming discussion of Flutter for Zano, though the details weren't included in the transcript. The conversation encompassed general UX strategies rather than specific technologies like Xano, WeWeb, FlutterFlow, or others. However, the discussion remains relevant for any web developer or UX designer considering the best approach to designing a streamlined, user-friendly interface.

(Source: Office Hours 3/28 AM )

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