Discussion on Resolving Connectivity Issue between Bravo and Xano Applications

This meeting featured an in-depth discussion about issues the State Changers are having with integrating their application, which involves a candidate user system with collaboration offers and a booking system, using Bravo and Xano. The main problem highlighted was that Bravo wasn't passing the value to another screen when a booking item was selected. They traced the problem to Bravo not transmitting the booking ID variable correctly to Xano. Multiple attempts to check the data binding connections and variable assignments were made but they faced intermittent connection issues with Bravo, which complicated the troubleshooting process. The team considered that the problem might exist within Bravo's system itself, as a similar issue in the past had resolved itself without intervention. The meeting ended with their decision to reach out to Bravo's support for further assistance.

(Source: Office Hours 12/6 )

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