'Discussion on Resolving Key Value Pairs and Array Intersections in Xano'

The meeting between the State Changers focused on manipulating and comparing data across multiple tables and databases using "Xano". The session dived deep into the specifics of extracting key-value pairs and intersections from JSON inputs and arrays.

In the initial stages, State Changers dealt with intricacies of tackling key-value pairs from functions, exploring the creation of variables, and grabbing specific parts from arrays. In this process, they had to extract lab keys, which they managed to do successfully, but they ran into confusion while associating these keys with inputs. They discussed an approach using 'array intersect', which helps identify common elements across two lists or arrays. Their goal was to compare the lists and identify intersecting elements. They were successful in creating a variable for keys that allowed them to get the intersection between input and lab keys. Continuing the discussion, State Changers decided to iterate through the keys to extract the associated values of inputs from the database. They created a conditional 'for each' loop for this process, with an option to control the order of output based on their business requirements. Finally, they discussed possible next steps based on specific business needs, which could involve building new objects, arrays, or updating the database. The meeting might be especially useful for developers, especially those who use "Xano" and require guidance in manipulating key-value pairs and working with intersect arrays.

(Source: Office Hours 1/19 )

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