Discussion on Setting up and Troubleshooting Customer IO Integration with a Mobile App

In this meeting, the State Changers work on integrating the custom action functionality in Flutterflow using a package called CustomerIO. They encountered three challenges - updates from Stripe and Flutterflow, and the addition of CustomerIO functionalities. The specific tasks covered include: Setting up new actions in the pub spec dependencies, using import statements to create a customer IO class, creating boilerplate code for the action setup, defining the object inside the function before passing it to CustomerIO, and troubleshooting compilations errors. Also discussed was how to do checks to ensure email and name fields are not null before sending them to identify a user in CustomerIO. As an unresolved challenge, the compilation issues persisted, but the team decided to give the system time for updates and plan a revamp for the next meeting.

Keywords: FlutterFlow, CustomerIO, Actions, Pub spec dependencies, Stripe, Compilation errors, Troubleshooting.

(Source: Dart Deep Dive OH Extra 6/21 )

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