Discussion on Setting up Stripe Donation Flow for Nonprofits on a Website

The State Changers group discussed issues related to setting up a web-based donation system. The system's functionality was desired to revolve around a 'Donate' button on a directory listing. The intent was that when a user clicked this 'Donate' button, it would redirect them to a donation page with a choice to donate via PayPal, Stripe, or another payment gateway.

However, there were several intricate details that need to be addressed for this setup. Some key points of discussion were: 1. Capturing the 'click' event when a user chooses to donate, which could indicate the users’ intent to donate. 2. Verification of donation by observing the webhook, which might suggest the completion of the donation. 3. The technicalities of Stripe and how to create a 'Donate' button using the platform. This knowledge would enable them to offer assistance to non-profits on how to use Stripe effectively. 4. The considerations around managing the flow of money and information between the user, host, and the non-profit organisation. Advantages were identified in the experience of investigating and mastering Stripe donation creation: 1. Being able to guide the non-profits in setting up Stripe to generate more donations. 2. Potential to increase donations by providing a convenient way to donate and share donations. The focus was on troubleshooting, understanding, and sharing the knowledge on how to integrate donation gateways like Stripe to streamline the donation process for non-profits. Not much was discussed about the tools mentioned in keywords, i.e., "Zapier", "Make", "Integromat", etc. Overall, the goal seemed to be finding a balance between the fine details of verifications and the seamless experience for the users and non-profits.

(Source: Office Hours 7/10 )

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