Discussion on Tracking Subscription End Dates through Stripe and Xano Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers primarily discussed the challenges of working with subscription-based services and how to best track subscription durations and renewal dates. They used Stripe, an online payment processing platform, as an example, focusing on several key concepts:

1. Event Log: State Changers analyzed event logs provided by Stripe to understand how each field can give insights into subscription-related actions. They particularly looked for fields representing the end of a subscription period. 2. Stripe Subscription Management: The State Changers discussed how Stripe handles subscription periods, licensing rights, and automatic renewals. They noted that each payment extends a user's license for a specific period and that Stripe will automatically charge users for renewal at the end of that term. 3. Subscription Renewal Tracking: They hypothesized that continually updating a specific field (“current period end”) might help track when the next subscription renewal would occur. This could potentially be implemented using Xano, which was suggested as a place to update the new value. 4. EPOCH Converter: To verify the validity of the data provided, the State Changers used an EPOCH converter to transform timestamp data into a more comprehensible date-time format. Toward the end, they agreed to test their hypotheses by letting Stripe feed back real-time data and observing how it aligns with their expectations. Subsequently, they decided to discuss the results in a future meeting. No other know keywords were mentioned in this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 8/4 Late )

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