Discussion on User Authentication and Dynamic Redirection in Web Applications Using Wizd and WebFlow

This State Changers meeting discusses strategies to solve a problem encountered during a new venture project. The problem arises when a user receives an email requesting them to review content and the authentication token issue involved with it. It seems that the current login redirect rule, which sends them back to the dashboard, disrupts the flow.

The participants discuss different solutions, including embedding an authentication level in the email itself or redirecting to the login page and back to the targeted page dynamically after login. They talk about storing the next landing page as a parameter during a user's redirection to a login page, which can later be used to redirect back to the previously visited page after a successful login operation. The discussion heads toward limitations encountered due to the simplistic nature of the current platform "Wizd", which redirects the user whenever an authentication cookie is undefined, even before any action can be set. As an alternative strategy, they consider triggering a request to an endpoint on every page load, which would identify the user and their next URL based on the current page's parameters. Though considered a "hacky" solution, it helps maintain the flow within the constraints of the current tools. The participants further discuss other low code and no code platforms including "Webflow", "WeWeb", and "Bubble". They stress the importance of balancing ease of use and power for users when selecting a platform. The attendees agree that while Wizd and Webflow might require a more machine-based mental model, tools like Airtable and Bubble are more user-oriented and significantly limit the flexibility for complex app creation. There's also a discussion about extending the functionalities of the current tools using JavaScript. However, this introduces a new set of challenges as well. The meeting ends with a discussion on a security question but unfortunately, the script cuts off and does not provide detail about the security question.

(Source: Office Hours 1/6 )

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