Discussion on Web Development Challenges and Solutions: Frontend Design, API Key Exposure, and Tech Stack Choices

The State Changers meeting covers an array of topics, with the central focus on the process of problem solving and better understanding of web-related technologies like Webflow, Xano, Wiz, OpenAI, and MemberStack. A participant addressed an issue with the working of menus in a web app and the problems of preserving the styling. It was believed that the issue might have stemmed from a corruption in the way the menus were set up, so a process of recreating the menu was suggested due to the potential complexity of fixing the current problem.

Another participant brought up concerns about understanding the technology stack of another product they were working on, where there was confusion regarding the use and exposure of API keys and how to handle data input. The function and value of Wiz, as a tool that creates more JavaScript code and interactivity in a Webflow environment, was clarified. It was mentioned that David's OpenAI integration worked in a similar fashion, with Webflow front end and Xano as the back end. There was also a discussion regarding MemberStack and its functionality in managing membership, but also the likelihood of it being no longer needed due to the ability to process user authentication through Xano. Daniel, another participant, suggested a cost effective workaround for form submissions through a script that allows direct submission to Xano bypassing Webflow, thus decreasing load and cost. Daniel also pointed out limitations with Slack in image uploading, and suggested a workaround for this through a direct upload from Wiz to Slack. Participants also discussed security issues pertaining to API keys, where it was emphasized that keys should never be placed in a front end due to the risk of it being stolen resulting in potentially high costs. It was suggested to use a back-end service like Xano or Make to provide a "wrapper" to secure the API key. Issues regarding throttling to ensure system security were also discussed. The use of Stripe was mentioned as a possible solution for managing pages, and Xano as a "router" to handle API keys and send back results securely. The meeting concluded with a check-in with Daniel. The keywords, Webflow, Xano, Wiz, OpenAI, MemberStack, and Stripe appear in the transcript.

(Source: Office Hours 5/3 )

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