Discussion on Webflow Domain Integration and Customization

In this meeting, the State Changers extensively discussed domain handling with Webflow and the creation of new subdomains. One participant explained their successful attempts to create two new subdomains using their current processes, sharing how they wish to implement the same strategy further. They also differentiated between projects, sites and domains in this context. This was primarily a technical discussion centered around website development and domain mapping.

Furthermore, plans to diversify into more subdomains including one as an ‘admin’ for backend operations, one for artists and another for nonprofit operations were discussed. The necessity of associating each of these new sites with a unique domain was emphasized, along with a focus on branding and cost-efficiency. A point of note is a user’s attempt to transform a copy of the 'admin Austin' site into 'artist helps Austin'. However, due to some unforeseen technical issues from Webflow's side, the transformations had to be postponed. Finally, the State Changers turned their attention towards another member who wanted to share about a Zano-related inquiry and the efficiency of their current backend workflow. This meeting could be beneficial for individuals grappling with the scope and process of domain mapping, subdomain creation, back-end operations and understanding the dynamics of Webflow. It's also insightful for those seeking to address workflow efficiency problems.

(Source: Office Hours 9/27 )

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