Discussions on Data Handling and Query Optimization in Zano

This meeting of the State Changers, involved a deep discussion on several software development topics and platforms, notably "Xano". The discussion centered around checking if a variable was empty or null using if functions. They broke down how to do it and identified the technique to approach it by asking relevant questions about the kind of data and its shape.

Further, they discussed the use of various types including Array, List, JSON, and Enum in data handling. The difference between these was noted, with JSON being beneficial for storing arbitrary or unstructured data. However, the problem of maintaining uniqueness in data entries was highlighted, especially mentioning the distinction between cities. There was a comparison made between using Enum and Text, with the later being favored for flexibility and easier updates to requirements. A significant portion of the meeting also dealt with whether there should be a separate table for cities or if storing this data in a list would suffice, with the actual choice depending greatly on the specific use-case, need for referential integrity, and performance of queries. Aggregation of data on these fields was also confirmed to be possible. In conclusion, flexibility in decision-making was emphasized. The participants stressed the importance of moving fast, possibly making wrong decisions, but learning from the market feedback. It was agreed that too much focus on being 'correct' before hitting the market could slow down the developmental progress. Major Keywords mentioned in this meeting include Xano, Lists, JSON, Enum, Arrays, etc.

(Source: Office Hours 9/5 )

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