Discussions on Data Visualization, Decision-Making Tools, and Building Strong Analytic Engines using Excel, Domo, and Zano

The State Changers met to discuss a project which involved data valuation, visualization and presentation. They discussed the importance of using back-end solutions like Excel for the finance side of the operation and front-end tools for handling visuals and user interaction. One focus of the discussion was the idea of significantly making use of existing tech stacks of companies to streamline their process. This could mean integrating with existing data visualization tools or making use of existing reporting systems to reduce friction and accelerate the adoption process.

In addition, they decided to consider Excel as a front-end interface, due to its familiarity and wide use among the target market, justifying that part of their product could simply run from Excel as a function which can compute various scenarios and assumptions. The State Changers also aligned on the core purpose of their platform – an analytic engine. The conversation revolved around the no-code movement mindset, where the aim is to make the most of existing tools. The importance of focusing on the back-end (data, logic) while leveraging established front-end technologies (Excel, Business Intelligence tools) was continually emphasized. They concluded that the analytic engine they were developing needed to feed into a reporting tool effectively and smoothly for best execution. They discussed employing technologies like Xano and Excel for these tasks. While the meeting didn't explicitly involve all the listed tech terms, it dealt with aspects related to data manipulation, creating and using APIs, and the choice of front-end technologies which are often associated with tools and languages like "React", "Javascript", "Firebase", "Zapier", and "OAuth". Given the technical nature of the discussion, future meetings could possibly involve more specific use of these technologies.

(Source: Office Hours 8/8/23 )

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