Discussions on Enhancements to User Registration Form with Integration of Xano and Wist

In this meeting, the State Changers worked on a web application that integrates with Xano, a backend-as-a-service platform. The team aimed to make a feature dynamic based on the result of an API call and create a new window pop-up with specific functionality.

The State Changer presenting showed a registration form in the application made through an app-designing tool called Wist. When the form is submitted, it sends information to Xano for the team's database and triggers an API call. The State Changers then examined the app's authentication mechanism, specifically the cookies handling authentication. Authentication headers were added to the JavaScript, which could make an endpoint authenticate. They learned to grab the token from Wiz using development tools in the browser console. Later, the State Changers discussed how to have a dialog box or new page open up based on the user's navigation choices. They concluded that the navigation process would be handled better in-line, avoiding pop-up confusion, thus leading to a smoother user experience. In summary, the meeting focused on enhancing online registration forms using APIs and modularize navigation with a better UX design, integrating both with an authentication system developed using Xano and Wist.

(Source: Office Hours 2/20 )

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