Discussions on RevenueCat Integration, Flutterflow, Purchases, and Customized Solutions for Mobile and Web Applications

The main topics in this meeting were largely anchored around the FlutterFlow codebase and its integration with RevenueCat. The State Changers discussed the implementation of custom solutions for the construction of web and native mobile applications, while highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of unifying the codebase for both platforms. The conversation moved to specific functionalities such as in-app purchases and how to minimize coding complexities when setting these up, with the emphasis on learning and understanding each step in the process before adding more complexity.

The meeting also involved a technical review of function invocations within the code and the concept of creating a custom function to simplify the process. An essential part of this discussion revolved around managing the revenue card and identifying various solutions for its implementation, either through enabling pre-built ones or via low code alternatives like Dart. Another critical point raised concerned having to adjust deployment settings, whether locally or via platforms like CodeMagic. DNS management was also touched upon in relation to making changes when disabling or enabling web deployment features. There was also a reference to the Firebase ID, Stripe for web-subscriptions, and GoDaddy for DNS changes. Towards the end of the meeting, there was an agreement on the call to action: experimenting with in-app purchases in a simplified environment and afterwards reassessing the need for extra complexity.

(Source: Office Hours 5/25 )

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