Disscussion on Troubleshooting & Optimizing Wizd Function Stack for Nonprofit Search

The State Changers discussed a problem surrounding double data loading, with participant David having identified an issue with multiple entries appearing in his application. Varieties of solutions were proposed and discussed. Key platforms and languages discussed included Wizd - the system in which the problem was occurring.

David encountered an issue where his search query in 'Wizd' was producing repeated data. He believed the issue might lie in a secondary query that should have been set as conditional, to prevent it from firing. George and another colleague discussed the potential causes and solutions to David's issue. The first hypothesis was that the duplicated entries might be occurring because the application was sending two get requests in rapid succession. Therefore, the system was receiving the data twice. The second hypothesis by George suggested that if the page load trigger existed more than once, the request would load as many times as the trigger exists, resulting in duplication. To manage this, George suggested creating dedicated attributes for specific page loads, to ensure the request wasn't accidentally activated by other attributes on the page. Another meeting participant proposed adding a 'clearing step' to the workflow, preventing the application from adding entries without first clearing previous ones. The meeting ended with David deciding to work on proposed solutions and report about the results in the future meetings. The points discussed in this meeting were mainly around troubleshooting issues in the 'Wizd' application. More reviews and possible solutions have to be explored to prevent duplication of data entries in future applications.

(Source: Office Hours 1/11 )

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