Diving Deep into Dev Tools: Troubleshooting and Diagnostics with WeWeb and JavaScript

In this meeting, the State Changers focus on how to best use dev tools and debugging techniques in the context of no-code platforms like WeWeb. Specifically, they address issues relating to JavaScript console logs and troubleshooting deprecated functions or errors thrown by these tools.

The key question presented revolves around how to identify the cause of a "now is deprecated" message within an application built on the WeWeb platform. The conversation demonstrates how users can navigate their dev tools to find instances where a deprecated function might have been used. However, they conclude that the process is not straightforward due to the way WeWeb compiles and loads code, making it difficult to trace back to the original source. A technique called source mapping, which is not available in WeWeb, could be used in such instances. The State Changers also discuss 'false positives' in error logs. Though a code might throw error messages, this doesn't always imply there is a significant problem, much as red lights in a medical body scan don’t necessarily indicate a critical health issue. The team advises focusing on error logs when a problem arises rather than spending time chasing down every warning or error message by default. Finally, the team expresses interest in exploring useful bits of JavaScript for diagnostics in no-code environments in subsequent meetings. They encourage further questions about dev tools for future discussions.

(Source: Deep Dive: Devtools Part 2 7/26/2023 )

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