Diving into Xano and WeWeb: Building a Simple Investor Search Service

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss various issues related to "Xano" and "WeWeb", focusing on building a simple investor search service. As the presenter explains their process, they express concerns about the implementation of multi-stage filters and the correct way to perform queries.

The helpful feedback that follows indicates that Xano supports fuzzy searching, an advancement over their current 'includes' function. Fuzzy search is explained as a feature that matches search queries based on closeness rather than exactitude. It is revealed that this is implemented through creating a full text index on the relevant tables. Explaining further, the speaker notes that the fuzzy search index, unlike traditional ones, focuses on ranking results based on how well they match the input. It also prioritizes certain qualities, such as if the search term is mentioned earlier in the name or if the whole word matches, scoring such instances higher. Next, the discussion shifts to how search indexes work along with other parameters. It is indicated that a search index doesn't combine with other indexes but works alongside them, providing search-engine-type responses rather than simple filter results. In summary, the State Changers provide detailed advice on improving the approach to building a search service for investors through Xano and WeWeb by implementing a fuzzy search index to enhance the granularity of search results. This meeting is beneficial for those seeking more effective methods to design and implement search functionality on these platforms.

(Source: Office Hours 6/22/2023 )

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