Dynamically Creating Buttons: API Troubleshooting, Use of Flutterflow, and Xano Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss data flow issues and effective ways to implement functions using dynamic children for buttons. They discuss how to use APIs to get JSON paths, with the user wanting the buttons to display the name taken from a test API call. They find problems in making the no-code system understand the complex logic problems, hence the suggestion to shape the information as it is needed in the system for better efficiency.

They also discussed how repeated API points may lead to a compound request, which ideally should be an object that contains two lists. They establish the importance of delivering frontend data in a way that simplifies work for the backend. The initial structure in setting up dynamic children for the buttons seems good, but it's suggested that the model should be tested with a list of sports (for instance) from Xano to get the right shape of data. A query was raised regarding the inability of these systems to perform significant data wrangling which may necessitate the use of Dart. In addition, there's talk about a challenge with the database link and the approach was adjusted to manually typing in the fields instead of using the database link, which resolved the issue. From the technologies named, it was clear the discussion focused primarily around FlutterFlow and Xano, two software systems that help in building and managing APIs and user interfaces. No other specific tools from the list were highlighted in this meeting. The main takeaway is to simplify incoming data and avoid overloading the system with unnecessary logic problems.

(Source: Office Hours 2/20 )

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