Ecommerce project": Troubleshooting API Integration, Data Visualization and Timezone Issues in Xano, Bubble and Webflow Platforms

The State Changers in the meeting touched on topics involving ecommerce project development using tech tools, As the meeting progressed, they dissected technical issues related to data visualization in Bubble. They delved into the complications around dates and their variable formatting, one problem being the possibility of confusion between different time zones. With that in mind, they discussed using ISO 8601 time, a specific formatting that may better assist Bubble in processing the information. However, points were raised about the precision of timestamps, as constraining the data to a specific time could potentially cause inaccuracies, dependent on the respective time zone. They also considered coding options that included a higher order mapping function and JavaScript. Key topics discussed in detail included:

1. Ecommerce project setup for Paddle, Webflow, WeWeb, and Xano. 2. APIs, specifically the Alpha Advantage Price API, and its role in pulling data into Bubble. 3. Date formatting issues and potential solutions while using Bubble. 4. Utilizing ISO 8601 time for more specific formatting. 5. Possible time zone related issues in data mapping with different markets globally. Tools and platforms mentioned include: Bubble, Xano, WeWeb, JavaScript, and ISO 8601. The meeting could be helpful to viewers seeking insights on troubleshooting API related issues, handling data mapping, and dealing with time zone complications in data visualization platforms like Bubble.

(Source: Office Hours 6/27/23 )

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