Efficiency Optimization and Problem Solving for AppGyver and Xano Integration

The State Changers meeting primarily focused on discussions regarding front-end issues, error management, and data tracking for a construction task management tool. The current system uses AppGyver, but they plan to transition to a different platform in the coming months due to limitations encountered with AppGyver. Consequently, they are addressing issues connected to get requests resulting in 502 errors.

They highlighted different solutions, such as: 1. API level caching on a per-user basis: This ensures that repeated requests within a few minutes do not get new content, reducing the load. 2. A subscription model where the front-end is notified when there's new data: Xano, which they currently use, is not highly compatible with this model as it is more transactional rest and doesn't support server-side events or built-in WebSockets. However, a third-party service like Pusher could be integrated into Xano to enable this model. 3. Upgrading to a bigger instance from Xano to avoid memory-related 502 errors. They also discussed the concept of creating an event log as an auditing tool to track changes and updates while users are away. They proposed housing this in a database, perhaps an append-only database, and recommended creating a function to input events into the log, providing more control and flexibility in the event of future changes to the log system. Keywords mentioned in this meeting include Xano, AppGyver, API, WebSocket, and Firebase.

(Source: Office Hours 7/21/2023 )

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