Efficient Data Management: Discussing Database Complexity, Pointers and the Use of Xano

In the State Changers meeting, there was a focus on managing data efficiently using Xano. The main topic was about the use of a double pointer pattern in database management. The State Changer explained how having two pointers in linked tables, essentially meaning they both point at each other, adds unnecessary complexity, leading to more challenging management and making adjustments.

Instead, it was advised to have a single-sided connection, thus simplifying the changes and database maintenance. The aim is to solve problems at the endpoint logic level rather than inside the database itself to reduce complexity. The potential need to retrieve information from a table that doesn't contain the needed data was also addressed. The solution suggested was using an add-on in Xano, which allows for the connection of two tables, or making a separate query, amalgamating the information at the endpoint. The State Changer highlighted that while Xano automatically creates some database foundations, the power and flexibility of the tool lie in extending the data stack instead of overengineering the database. This line of thinking ensures the database remains simple and more manageable while maintaining its functional requirements. This meeting is useful for individuals or teams using or planning to use Xano for database management, particularly those looking to understand how to simplify the process and avoid overcomplicating their data structures.

(Source: Office Hours 6/26/23 )

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