Enhancements and Troubleshooting for the Waitlist and Booking System

This meeting between the State Changers revolved around discussing the functionality of a certain part of their system. They talked about the process involving the cancellation of a booking API, the waitlist mechanism, and sending out email notifications. The State Changers discussed the workflow surrounding cancellations, where a booking is deleted if it's a waitlist type, and no notification is sent out. They further elaborated on the system identifying waitlisted and invitation sent bookings for further analysis.

Their approach was to query all availabilities and cross-referenced them with waitlisted bookings for a match. They furthermore delved into tweaking the email notification feature of the system, tracking the sent invites to limit the bookings they focus on. One prominent insight from the meeting was the recommendation to create a separate function for handling this functionality, to make it more manageable, testable, and possibly replicable - thus separating the logic from the timing of the background task. This involves creating a custom function to execute the logic, with the waitlists only needing to call this function. This helps keep the waitlist mechanism lean and efficient, allowing for other potential features to be added to the background task in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 11/25 )

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