Enhancing API Call and Data Filtering Functionality for Upcoming and Past Bookings

The State Changers had a meeting where they discussed an issue regarding API calls within a project. One of the attendees was trying to separate upcoming bookings from past ones, triggered by date, using the software "Xano". The records were obtained from two tables: "bookings" and "availabilities", with the latter feeding the dates into the former.

They ran into a problem as the date was coming from the availabilities table, causing difficulty when they tried to filter only bookings with a start date less than now. To solve this, they considered creating a data variable and pulling all their bookings and availabilities, then filtering them. However, there was confusion regarding the arrival and departure dates and why they were involved. After discussing the database structure, the team suggested that instead of getting all the bookings and then filtering, it would be considerably simpler and more efficient to get a list of all availabilities where the booking was true. By doing this, they could then add the related information about the booking that corresponded to each availability. This decision was grounded in the idea of making the table they wanted to filter their primary table, improving efficiency and reducing complexity. However, its implementation would have to be tackled another time due to the time restriction. The key terms discussed during the meeting were 'Xano', 'API', 'Bookings', 'Availabilities', 'Filter', 'Date', and 'Database'.

(Source: Office Hours 10/27 )

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