Enhancing API Requests Using Xano Add-ons

The meeting involved State Changers discussing a concern raised by a participant named David who was trying to integrate data from an API request into a table. The table contained IDs referencing information in another table. David wanted these IDs to pull data from the original table wherever they existed.

The solution proposed involved using an add-on from software "Xano", which led the discussion back to the Xano platform. In Xano, it was demonstrated how to create a connection from the Artworks query to the Nonprofit table. The participant showed David where to click in Xano to achieve this: the yellow "add-on" button in the "output" section of the Artworks reference. The discussion clarified that the key to reference the name from Nonprofit was "_nonprofit", and it was explained how this could be referenced in the JavaScript portion of the code. It was also shared that multiple relationships could be nested using multiple add-ons. By the end of the meeting, David seemed confident in his ability to sort out the issue based on the guidance provided. Notably, keywords mentioned in the discussion included "Xano", "API", and "JavaScript".

(Source: Office Hours 1/26 )

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