Enhancing Community Value through AI-Boosted Transcriptions, Summarizations and Improved Content Access

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the progress they have made with organizing and summarizing a backlog of videos. They used AI tools such as Deepgram and OpenAI to assist with transcription and summarization. The transcripts were then made searchable, providing a valuable resource for the community. The team was able to do this for a cost-effective rate due to available credits from Deepgram and OpenAI, which made the tools affordable. Notably, the documents successfully recognized the term 'Xano', an important keyword for the team.

The team also discussed the plan to introduce a new split offer, which will allow new users to access content separately from office hours. This new offer will be introduced at a higher price for new customers but won't affect existing users. Users who only want access to the content instead of the office hours will have a less expensive option to switch to. In this fashion, the State Changers hope to provide more flexibility for their community members. In addition, the team touched on recent learning experiences like using telemetry on a platform called 'posthog', suggesting active project development beyond transcription and summarization. All these efforts are focused on enhancing the value provided to their community and demonstrating the power of no-code AI implementation.

(Source: Office Hours 8/25/2023 )

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