Enhancing Email Security and Preventing Duplicate Accounts in Flutterflow and Firebase Applications

The State Changers meeting focused on addressing the issue of preventing users from creating multiple fake accounts in a specific application. The participant questioned how to implement an additional layer of protection using FlutterFlow, Firebase, or Xano to prevent account duplication.

It was discussed that the true solution relies on adjusting the account signup process, monitoring IP addresses and device IDs during signups and logins. This can either be done through Firebase with the addition of a pre-validation sign-up function or through managing the signup process directly via Xano, as it offers further control. Xano allows for the analysis of signups based on IP addresses and can prevent new accounts from the same IP address within a short period. It was mentioned that the signup process could be a little longer to fortify security measures against creating multiple accounts. For voting in-app, another solution was proposed: recording the user's IP address during voting. If the same IP address attempts to vote again, it can then be flagged or be given limited access to the voting feature (e.g., voting once every hour). Additional measures such as creating a persistent app variable unrelated to the user or using other obtainable unique IDs were also considered. However, the use of certain IDs like Apple device IDs have regulatory considerations. In summary, the meeting was centered around strategies to enhance security and reduce fraudulent behavior on a specific voting application. Measures discussed varied from conducting IP checks during signups, logins, and voting to making changes in the account registration process.

(Source: Office Hours 10/3/2023 )

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