Enhancing Error Recovery in JSON Data Parsing for the FileMaker Go App

The State Changers had an extensive discussion around the handling of JSON data in a web app, used for recording basketball game results. The questioner has a pre-existing app that collects data and sends it to a backend in a single JSON file. This data is temporarily held in a 'form' before it is parsed and used to create backend entities.

The main question underlying the debate was whether this approach--taking raw JSON data, storing it temporarily, and only acting on it later--was necessary or beneficial. The final consensus was that while this might not be necessary, it serves as a beneficial fail-safe against errors during the parsing process. By storing the raw data, if anything goes wrong with the parsing workflow, the original data could be retrieved and reprocessed. Additionally, there were discussions around avoiding data bloat in a multi-tenant SaaS platform, where large volumes of game event records could cause the database to inflate substantially. The proposed solution was to change data handling at the parsing stage to process game events, but only record summarized data. This method would reduce the overall volume of data stored and prevent potential system slowdown due to data bloat. The State Changers concluded that the platform Zano was well equipped for such complex data processing tasks. The specific technology platforms or frameworks like "WeWeb", "Firebase", "Google", "OAuth", "Stripe", "Twilio", "Airtable" among others weren't discussed in this meeting. The meeting wrapped-up with the expression of gratitude and an acknowledgement of the rewarding nature of problem-solving.

(Source: Office Hours 4/14 )

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