Enhancing JSON Decode Function with Lambda for Error Handling and Performance Improvement

The State Changers met to discuss manipulating and handling JSON data within a coding environment. They covered several key topics:

1. Creating a safe function to decode JSON: The State Changers identified that they needed a function that could handle failures during JSON decoding. A new function was created in the library under the name JSON decode. 2. Using Lambda: One participant explained how to use Lambda functions for data transformation. The group ran tests using simple string values to debug and refine their Lambda function, aiming to handle potential errors successfully. 3. Error Handling: In the created Lambda function, a try-catch block was used to manage errors, specifically for handling bad JSON data. The catch block was set to return a null value allowing this error to be processed intelligently in the future code. 4. Testing: Various test runs were conducted to check the function's ability to handle different inputs like proper and improper JSON data. They confirmed the function's performance and error handling. 5. Background Task: For cases where a large number of API calls could possibly slow down the system, a 'queuing system', putting data into a database or Redis and then a background task to process was proposed. This approach would maintain system speed and provide clarity during debugging. The meeting ended on a positive note with plans to implement and test the new JSON decode function and the proposed 'queuing system' approach.

(Source: Office Hours 2/7 )

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