Enhancing Nonprofit Database: Filtering and Modifying URLs with Xano

During the meeting between State Changers, they discussed the modification and filtering of organizational web data primarily using a platform called Xano. Meeting participants also deliberated on possible ways to rectify any issues in the URL strings of their dataset, specifically regarding those starting with HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Key points discussed include dealing with empty record fields, the use of different operators to efficiently filter through their data, and using conditionals for more specific searches. Additionally, potential problems of converting all HTTP protocols to HTTPS without ensuring if the site would effectively work with HTTPS were also noted. Towards the end, the idea of using an external API request to test the updated URLs was also suggested. In conclusion, the discussion focused on applying a structured approach to correctly identify, filter, and rectify issues in their web data through Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 1/10 )

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