Enhancing Performance and Sorting Logic in No-Code Tools: A Discussion on Xano and WeWeb Optimization

The meeting entailed in-depth technical discussions among members referred to as State Changers. They explored a range of topics related to software and application development, involving sorting data structures, debugging processes, handling response codes, and performance enhancement. Repeated references were made to platforms called Xano and WeWeb.

The conversation opened with a discussion about sorting an object in a data structure, which was clarified with the help of 'dot syntax'. The members suggested breaking down the process into multiple steps for clarity and ease of debugging, despite potential small performance cost. Further, they explored cases where response codes might not match actual results, using Xano as a reference point. The possibility of vendors sending mismatched response codes sparked an additional debate. They noted that while protocol generally dictates specific behaviors, deviations do occur, necessitating additional checks. Towards the end, a newcomer to the "no code" world sought advice on improving performance for an app built on WeWeb and Xano due to prolonged load times. The discussion remains unresolved at the meeting's end. The meeting would be useful for those interested in data structures, response codes, debugging processes, performance optimization of applications, particularly related to WeWeb and Xano platforms.

(Source: Office Hours 6/29 )

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