Evaluating and Adapting Data Structure for Notification System

In this meeting, the main topic of discussion was a notification system that was added to a table. The person working on it faced issues because they had to add more columns to enable the notification feature, which caused complications. The team discussed the decision to use one table and agreed that sometimes it is important to reevaluate decisions based on simplicity rather than deeper reasons. They suggested that it might be easier to address the code instead of changing the data structure. The team acknowledged that the product might need to be refactored in the future based on market feedback and changing technology. They emphasized the importance of shipping a product to get market feedback and making decisions based on customer needs. The person working on the project shared that they had already started down a certain path and planned to continue. They mentioned some issues with a feature they hacked together but intended to keep working on it. The meeting ended with brief discussions about recording a room for someone and a casual conversation about personal matters.

(Source: Office Hours 4/5 )

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