Evaluating NPM Packages for Compatibility with WeWeb

The meeting featured the State Changers discussing the evaluation of NPN packages. They spoke about how they evaluate these packages, with recency and the amount of usage they get from others being two key factors considered. Things such as the number of downloads and the number of stars on GitHub were cited as valuable metrics for evaluation. They also discussed the packaging structure of these systems and how some may not be universally used in certain applications like WeWeb. The key takeaway is that while certain packages may seem preferable based on popularity and recency, their applicability and compatibility with specific applications may be more important. The group also talked about how the list of usable packages is a moving target, with changes expected on a monthly basis. Lastly, the term 'require' was mentioned as a keyword to search for in regards to these packages, and they concluded the meeting with the assurance of further discussions on this topic in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 10/18/2023 PM )

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