Examining FlutterFlow Code and Investigating App Verification Links

The State Changers meeting focused on working through a coding project. They used FlutterFlow to handle the frontend development and Xano for backend API calls. The meeting started with a code review. One participant had created a geopoint object related to latitude and longitude which was processed through a strip tag tag. The intent was to resolve the object, which involved three steps. The explanation of step two was unclear to the speaker as it involved a regex operation they didn't fully understand.

In discussion about the operations, the participant showed the successful implementation on Xano. He retrieved the data as expected, which was appreciated by the other participant, who was also interested in the parsing layer he employed. The code from FlutterFlow seemed to generate the desired data directly, thus invoking interest in how it was accomplished. The second key question discussed in the meeting concerned deep linking and app verification. The participants wondered about the process that prompts a verification link to open a mobile version of a website, and from there suggest to 'open the app'. They want to know how a device distinguishes between a mobile responsive website and an installed app when a verification link is clicked. To answer the question, the meeting participants may need to delve into topics such as 'deep linking', mobile app development and responsive web design in future discussions. Keywords mentioned: FlutterFlow and Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 4/11 )

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